The Truth About The Kemmer Stock Breeders Association


In Early 1991 after being kicked out of the OMCBA, Dave Glazebrook needing somewhere to register his dogs went to Robert Kemmer.  So, Dave and Robert (who had been complaining about the recent price increase on OMCBA litter registrations along with OMCBA complaining about him running a puppy mill and also not being real happy about Robertís dogs winning a lot of the hunt trophies) decided to form the KSBA (Kemmer Stock Breeders Association). It came into being on September 26, 1991.

According to the KSBA history, The Kemmer Stock Mtn.Cur Breeders Assoc. is made up of interested persons wanting to breed and work for the betterment and preservation of the Kemmer Stock Mtn.Cur in general. Any registered Mtn.Cur of the Original Mtn.Cur Breeders Association can be registered. There doesn't have to be any Kemmer Stock Blood in a dog to register them with the KSBA. We welcome everyone willing to abide by the constitution and by-laws.  Folks were never told that eventually they would become second-rate members for their dogs not having enough "Kemmer blood".  People say this was Roberts intentions from the get go! 

The KSBA grew into a very large organization where the hunts were packed. Folks had to park out on the roadway and walk down to the clubhouse. Kemmer Stock Mountain Curs were the hottest thing going and the organization was growing by leaps and bounds.  At the time people were able to hunt any Mtn Cur they owned no matter how it was bred as long as it was registered with the KSBA.  Around the year 1998, some of the Kemmer owners/breeders got tired of getting beat by the other strains of Mtn Curs at their Kemmer hunts. Talk by those ďin the knowĒ was to issue ďGREEN PAPERSĒ to the dogs that did not have 75% Kemmer blood.  That was implemented soon after the 1998 World Hunt in Illinois.  Green papers were issued to all dogs having less than 75% Kemmer blood.  These dogs were allowed to participate in all KSBA functions and were still able to breed and register litters.  Soon afterwards it was decided that the green papered dogs were not going to be allowed to be in the KSBA Hall of Fame.   This should have sent up a ďred flagĒ to the people with KSBA green papered dogs! 

Then a vote was taken at the Spring Hunt of 2001 of the members present at the meeting to see if they wanted to restrict Kemmer dogs with less than 75% Kemmer blood in them to hunt in the KSBA World Hunt. The vote passed 27 to 20.  Green papered dogs were allowed to participate in all KSBA functions and were still able to breed and register litters but they were banned from the World Hunt, for no other reason than they did not have enough "Kemmer" blood in them.

In the beginning of KSBA members were asked to register all of their dogs with the KSBA in order to help get it going. Many of them also helped fund the start of the organization. All of a sudden these members were considered second rate because of their dogís breeding. Before all dogs and their owners were considered equal in the KSBA until the Green paper issue came about. 

That vote took place and was implemented against the constitution of the KSBA. The Board Of Directors never voted it on, it was only talked about. When the members voted it wasnít a 2/3 vote. The new rule was what they deemed a "gentlemanís agreement". It was never entered into a yearbook until 2005. When the news struck of the new restriction members became bitter, some quit the association and some even threatened lawsuits.  Because, believe it or not, what they were doing is a form of racketeering. It is unlawful for an association to "fix" an event to where only a certain group within the association can participate and/or win.

What is ironic is Robert and KSBA was doing exactly what OMCBA did to Robert years earlier.  Robert didnít like the green papered dogs winning the hunts Ė just as OMCBA didnít like Roberts dogs winning a lot!  And, the person that wrote the KSBA constitution, Dave Glazebrook, was out as most of his dogs were KSBA green papered!  

After the new rule numbers in the membership and participation at the hunts started to fall. The KSBA fell victim to jokes and members were slurred. Robert Kemmer was quoted as saying he didnít care, if they only had enough members show up at a hunt to have a good fish fry, that would satisfy him.

In 2004, the next rule was implemented that when you breed a pair of KSBA registered dogs, one of them had to be at least 75% Kemmer blood for the litter to be registered. The reason for this rule was to attempt to raise the percentage of Kemmer blood in the green papered dogs so that one day they would all be phased out. At this point, members started to realize the powers that be in the association were out to breed dogs instead of hunt them even though they supported organized hunts.

The new breeding rule brought on more and more dissatisfaction with the members. The Board of Directors was seeing opposition from the members all over the country. The members were pushing them to allow the green papered dogs to participate in the World Hunt since the original vote was actually illegal. Many of them brought this fact up at the spring meeting in Dayton, TN. and were faced with problems. They moved to have the entire membership have a vote on it and do it the correct way. Some of the right wing BODs thought this was going to lead to the opening back up of the Registry, which would allow more outside blood in. They used this as a scare tactic to mislead the members. At the 2006 Fall KSBA meeting in Dayton, TN, the motion was brought up again to have the membership vote on it. Robert, who attends all BOD meetings as a "special advisor", was quoted that he didnít care about the green-papered dogs and would kill them all if given the chance. He was also quoted at the same time as saying "I donít give a damn about the members.". Many in attendance heard him utter these comments. Members present at that meeting brought up once again that they wanted to have the BOD look into letting the members vote on what was now deemed "The green paper issue". It was voted on in the general meeting and passed with a large majority. This sparked Robert Kemmer to make another move no one could have ever seen coming...

Because green papered dogs werenít disappearing fast enough for some in the KSBA, Robert branched off from the KSBA to start the 100% True Kemmers Registry. When asked why he did that he was quoted saying "I just wanted to keep some of the pure stuff around before it went existence." With all the 100% dogs in the United States many wondered what would make him think they were going existent?

The Internet message boards became the avenue for discussion of the topics within the KSBA. Posts became heated and tempers flared. Name-calling began, folks started talking about others dogs, and breeding practices began to be one of the hot topics. People were voicing their opinions and for some reason that didnít set right with Robert and his partners. The hunters in the organization were selling puppies right and left mainly due to the fact that the Internet made buyers more informed. Buyers were able to keep up with who was winning in the hunts, who were posting pictures with tailgates covered with game, and who was actually hunting their dogs. Robert Kemmer was quoted saying he couldnít sell a puppy. He, along with his breeding partners, began running ads in Full Cry like never before. Ad after ad appeared in issue after issue. They had pens full of puppies and no buyers. This was getting their attention as well as taking money out of their pockets.

Late in 2006 word was out that the "hunting" members, actually the ones selling puppies, were about to be kicked out of the KSBA for voicing their opinions. Members, BODs, and even the Registrar quit the association on their own terms saying they didnít want to be associated with an organization that didnít "give a damn about itís members", They opposed them expressing their 1st amendment right by voicing their opinions. They started putting down the small game hunters because "thatís not what Robert spent his entire life developing these dogs to hunt".

These "controversial" members started getting kicked off of KSBA sponsored web sites for discussing the Gestapo leadership that the KSBA had developed into and exposing the ones that were railroading the organization. They werenít allowed to become members of the newly formed Kemmer Message board.

This is why was formed to allow the public to ask questions and get real answers as well as allow members and ex-members to voice their opinions as needed. Make yourself at home and enjoy.

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